Mainstream Media ( Propaganda ) has become a complete joke!

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Mainstream media ( Propaganda ) has become a complete joke. I find it impossible to gain any real insight on the world around me while I’m being constantly inundated with factless opinions of “unbiased experts” and led on a wild goose chase for the truth which is never presented. For if that truth was made known ,the average American would be so disgusted by they’re reality that he or she would find it extremely difficult to stomach and too terrifying to face. So instead the drama of news exists as some fucked up “off Broadway” play . Entertainment aimed at enslaving your perception.

The next phase of world war three is advancing with Israeli bombings in country’s like Lebanon and Syria with little or no serious coverage. Apparently Mantai Teo’s catfishing trip and Ray Lewis’ deer spray proclivities are deemed much more newsworthy , dominating most of the airtime. Story lines of deadly shootings are the new scripts to be followed by the mindless press till the eventual elimination of our second amendment right to bear arms. Nothing is reported on the NSA data collection operation codenamed “stellar wind” in which trillions of emails and endless amounts of digital data on American citizens (and even Congressmen) is obtained and stored in a data collection center in Utah . Instead they report on record financial years had by greedy demonic big oil companies with little coverage devoted to progressive green energy policies and applications. Assholes such as Senator John McCain push facist policies like biometric ID’s and if there is media coverage its manufactured through a spin of the truth that helps convince us that Nazi like identification methods are cutting edge , cool , and hip.

And seriously…What’s with the scrolling ticker at the bottom of the screen . It came with 9/11 and it never left. Just a slow moving distraction of bullshit to confuse you . An unyielding mechanism of propaganda and mind control that we pay for…….

Doug Masters
MWC editor in chief

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